Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barefoot and Fancy Free

I've been thinking about feet lately. Strange, I know. Here's why.

I've always had problems with my feet. I had orthotic inserts as a child for fallen arches. I seemed to grow out of that problem as I got older, but my feet still would get achy and tired much quicker than anyone I knew. I found that foot massages would help and made it through my twenties able to wear cutsey shoes. And then, I grew up. I mean, I got old(er). I mean, my body did this thing at age thirty which told me suddenly that I was not in my twenties any more. And my feet were a part of this mutiny.

I found my feet unable to tolerate anything but good quality sneakers. Now, at age 36, I wear them every day. They are my "lace up shoes" and I wear them to work at my job, in the home.

Learning from the Flylady how important it is to wear shoes in the house only confirmed to me that barefoot was not a good thing. But now, I am reconsidering.

The other day we went for a walk to the park. We took off our shoes to walk barefoot in the grass. My two year old cried and thought the grass was hurting his feet. And it didn't feel too good to me, either. I realized I'd caused a problem.

By saying "no" to bare feet, I think our feet are getting to be too sensitive. I am now wondering if perhaps my sore foot problem is actually a lack of strength, caused by wearing shoes all the time.

Have you seen these funky shoes? They are like gloves, to be worn on your feet, so that you can still feel the ground.
Here's an interesting article about running barefoot.
And another article.

And a whole site for "Healthy and Natural Barefoot Activities"

Welcome, Spring. I think it's time to kick of my shoes for a little while.

Do you like being barefoot? Do you let your children go barefoot? Let's talk.

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  1. The little one goes barefoot most of the time-- inside only. The previous owner of our house liked to go in the yard and break random glass objects, leaving glass shards positively *everywhere*. So, no barefoot for anyone in the yard. Ever. If we were at someone else's house (safe, no glass, etc.) I wouldn't be opposed to DD running barefoot.

    DH goes barefoot whenever possible. He's been known to go hiking in the White Mountains here in New Hampshire barefoot. Seems dangerous to me, but hey, not my feet! :)

    I swear by the *good* shoes thing for me here in the house, like Flylady says it does get my mind thinking about being in "work mode". I'm a total klutz, and since instituting shoes-in-the-house I haven't broken a toe. New record for me. Also, I have moderate to severe scoliosis, and my chiropractor has applauded using good shoes to help support my back.

    Finding shoes that I *like* that are good can be a problem. I had a pair that I thought was good for this summer, but I developed a corn on one toe, OUCH! So those are going. Whenever I do get new shoes, I like to look at the old, beat up ones, and think WOW that would have been all on my bare feet!


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